The beauty of Danish food is its history. Recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, each adding their own little touch and flare to the dishes and some of these dishes have be around longer than we can even imagine. There was a focus on creating delicious cheap food with the natural ingredients that could be found on or close to the family farm. During the industrial revolution,  cuisine went into over-drive with the importation of exciting new products

 This quickly brings me onto my first point. Although I believe that this may not be something most  modern Dane’s do, it is something that was traditionally practiced. That “something” was storing dry products like rye and barley in order to make the food you needed to eat. Now, I know that it’s 2017, and we may not all have the time to make our own bread or brew our own beer, however, if you’re able to find just a little time each week to make these things, you are sure to feel a difference. 

For example, raise a hand if you’re guilty of heading to your local supermarket, grabbing whatever you fancy and not really paying attention to what ingredients are being used in it? (I know that I am currently waving my hand high above my head!). 

Making your own food gives you the ability to really take control over what ingredients are used in your food. You can use a little less salt, or add more spice or even completely swap one ingredient for something you favour more and you will find making your own food more satisfying, and possibly saving you money. Dane’s have always been professionals at this and, I believe, it’s something we can all learn from and add into our lives.

With this homemade food the Danish then share it with the people around them. They make time to share their meals with family and friends and use food as a way to connect with each other. Again, in today’s day and age, we can find it hard to fit food into our lives. Not only do we pretend we don’t have the time to cook tasty dishes but we struggle to fit in time to share them with the people around us. This make absolutely no sense. Food is a fantastic way to grow and enhance the relationships we have with the important people in our lives. People pour their hearts out at fantastic home cooking. They share stories over stews and make each other laugh during a Sunday roast. It gives everyone a chance to stop and truly appreciate what they have in their lives. The Danish know it and so should we. So, stop saying you don’t have time to share some delicious treats with a special someone. Put the phone down, leave work at work, turn off the television and relax around a fantastic home cooked meal. 

It isn’t hard to bond over food when the dishes are truly beautiful. One of the ways in which Dane’s are able to be proud enough to share the food they cook with others is because they strive to use the freshest possible ingredients. Whether it’s berries in their Danish Braids or the Salmon on their Smorrebrods, freshness is key and it honestly doesn’t take a lot of effort to gain an understanding of this. All it comes down to is whether you want to be lazy and pick up the first product you see in the store or take some time (and care) to find a better option. Walk straight past the aisle with pre-packaged meat/food and head to the butchers or the fish monger. Talk to them and spark up a relationship with them. They’ll be able to tell you what produce is fresh in and when will be the best time of year to go after your favourites. Then, use their knowledge to plan the meals you’re going to cook. You may have an idea of what you want to cook, but if it isn’t fresh it will never taste as good. 

My last point brings me up to the modern day. Before, I’ve talked a lot about timely food traditions but what makes Danish food so damn good today is their ability to hold on to those traditions but modify and experiment with them. They see the dishes they love and say “what if I added this?” Now, don’t get me wrong, this can be a courageous thing to do, and you may get it wrong sometimes, but it pays off. Through modifying and experimenting, you gain a solid understanding of the dishes you enjoy. It’s a fantastic way of holding on to meals that have been enjoyed for generations and bringing them into the modern day. It’s exciting, it teaches people to expand their culinary knowledge and it’s seriously needed. Throw away the microwave meal and start cooking your own food!

If you’re reading this thinking “Danish food sounds like something I’d like to start cooking” or even “You know what? I wouldn’t mind trying some Danish food”. Well, good news. You’re on the right website. Just head over to our products section to discover some exciting food.