Whether you’ve lived abroad or not, there is no way you can deny that we all enjoy good home comforts when the time is right; when we’re feeling a little home-sick, they have a fantastic way of lifting our spirits and putting a smile on our faces. This is exactly where we come in. At Danish Food Direct, we completely understand that when you’ve emigrated from one country to another, it can be incredibly important for you to bring a little bit of home along with you. There can be a whole host of different things like family photos, mementos from home but the best way for a touch of nostalgia is through your traditional home food.

We believe there isn’t a person in the world that would want to move away from home and have absolutely nothing changed in their lives. Many of us actually do this in order to change our way of life and our surroundings. Maybe you’ve come of age and it’s time to gain your independence from your parents or you’ve managed to build up your career to a point where an incredible job proposal is right at your fingertips. Whatever the reason, there are times in our lives when we just need to move on. Some of you may be reading this thinking “Yep, not an easy transition at all” (Danish expats, we are looking at you!). There are times when the pressure of fitting into a new way of life can be a little too much and all you want is a taste of home. So, you head out to your local store and scour each shelf with no prevail. Then you realise, “This is a tiny store and the likelihood of them having the specific item I want is seriously low so I’ll travel to the large supermarket in town. Surely, they’ll have it”. Unfortunately you meet the same predicament, and you’ve just wasted another hour searching for an item that probably isn’t even stocked in the country. It’s been one of those weeks and all you want is a simple Franske Vafleror and some Karry Sild! Is that too much to ask for? You want to be able to tuck into a little treat that’s going to transport you back to your homeland with your family and friends. You want those pastries that you can only find in Copenhagen or to buy the ingredients to cook familiar dishes from your childhood.

We know. We’ve been there and we understand.

Which is why, I’m glad to say that if you’re after some Danish treats head over to www.danishfooddirect.com and get them delivered straight to your door. Then you can call home, put on your favourite movie, listen to music from your childhood and check out some old family photos. Life is complete