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Jyde Mjøden (Jyde Mead) - ABV 20.8% - 700 ml

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Jyde mead is our most seasoned mead. The mead sweetness has been combined with Riga Balsams aromatic and spices

A stronger mead with nuances from the 24 different herbs in Riga Balsam. Among them: birch buds, valerian, mint, garden - wormwood, kalmusrod and blueberries.


Most people think that mead is a kind of beer, but it's not true. Mead is a honey wine, and it has always been. The Vikings drank beer and mead and mead was their wine; the rich peoples beverage. Mead is produced by adding honey and by choice some spices to water and have it boiled. After this the mead has to be fermented for about 3 weeks. The production is ending after about 6 months storage. But the mead will be better the older it gets. Store it for some years, it will never be too old. Mead is a pure natural product with no additives. This large bottle is great if you want to try what the vikings used to drink, you're after something a little different or if you love mead in general.

Additional Information

Food Category Crustacean-Free
Storage Ambient
Packaging Glass
Ingredients AWRS XMAW00000107898

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